Specialized Shows - The San Francisco Historical Bourse

by Victor England  

The coin show by its very nature is a place where dealers and collectors gather to meet, buy, sell and learn about coins. At one time, before the advent of the internet the corner store, club meetings and shows were the numismatists universe. Over time, the field has expanded and as the world of the internet has come to dominate the field, shows have changed. To survive, many have become large commercial entities. This has been great for the serious dealer, collector and investor of high grade encapsulated coins. National shows, sponsored by the American Numismatic Association, annual state shows, and large commercial shows such as though run by Whitman publishing have become major events. However they focus on the encapsulated US market. Local shows, while they still exist have yielded to the flea market mentality. Through all of this specialized numismatic dealers have struggled, trying to work with these shows in developing an environment that is collector friendly. While some progress has been made, the specialized dealer needs to explore other avenues. 

As a specialized dealer in historical coins, our firm Classical Numismatic Group (CNG), handles a wide breadth of coins from the beginning of coinage in Europe the 7th century BC up to and including coins of the Renaissance. When I started in business in the mid 1970’s, I immediately recognized that shows did not cater to dealers such as myself and as a result spent the first ten years in business regularly attending shows on the US circuit hoping to meet the odd person here and there who had an interest in our coins, until a viable alternative presented itself... read more